Fresh Pasture Raised Eggs

Rich and delicious is the only way to describe our large, grade A eggs. The yolks are a deep yellow-orange and have the wonderful thick, rich texture that only eggs produced on pasture can deliver.

Our organically fed laying hens have a big grassy world at their feet from very early spring to late autumn. These ladies are kept in groups of 300-400 in two huge turn of the century barns. With all day access to about an acre of lush grass and shade trees at any given time, our hens have plenty to keep them occupied. They are free to go in when they want shelter, food, water and when it's time to lay the perfect egg. Just after sunset we secure our chickens inside to keep them safe from nighttime predators. Our hens have free choice of certified organic corn and soy based feed as well as fresh pasture forage including grass, clover, worms, insects and minerals that they scratch from the earth. Our chickens are never given antibiotics or medicated feed. Over the winter, our hens are free to step outside on most days when the temperature is above 20 Degrees F.